Sunday, May 30, 2010

My kids always amaze me

Henry is finishing a book tonight, it's number 7 in a series. And he was excited to tell me how the author has become a better writer over the course of the books. He specifically mentioned that the author's descriptive writing is more interesting and detailed in book 7 than in books 1-4. I love that he can not only enjoy books, but also evaluate the quality of the writing, too!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Physics for four-year-olds

Out of the blue one day, Abigail says to me, "Mom, a slide has a different name." I ask her what she means, and she responds, "A slide has a different name! It's an incline plane!"

Beat THIS excuse!

Last week my kids were outside riding their scooters around after diner. Suddenly I heard a crash, and Cameron came in crying. He said that Henry had crashed into him on purpose. His elbow was bleeding, so I patched him up and then called Henry in to get his story. "I didn't do it!" was his response. Fast forward to the next day. I pick up Henry from school and he's ready with this story: "I know why Cameron crashed last night! There was an earthquake on the border of Utah and Colorado, and the shocks from it were felt all the way to, and halfway through the Salt Lake valley. I checked the time of the earthquake, and it happened at the exact second that Cameron crashed on his scooter. The earthquake made him crash, not me!" Maybe he should consider a career as a sci-fi writer.