Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dream Vacation

Last night at dinner, Henry was asking each of us where we would go on vacation if we could go anywhere we wanted. Abigail's answer was incredible. She said, "The temple. Because it is a holy place and it is Jesus's house."

Non sequitur

While swimming in grandma's pool last week, Abigail asked, "I wonder what it would feel like to be a cheese stick?"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The freedom to be creative!

So, in the middle of third grade, after five months of trying to get Henry's needs met at the public school, we realized we had to find a different solution for him, and that was Realms of Inquiry, which has been fabulous for Henry. He's been there three years.

One of the things that I can laugh about now is how annoying his third grade teacher at public school was. She refused to accept his papers unless he had written his name - Henry - on them. At the time he was in a phase where he liked to use his initials, HLR. But the teacher would pretend to not know whose paper it was when he put his initials on it. She was completely inflexible in this, and it drove us crazy.

To contrast, I just got a pile of papers back from Realms, and I made a list of all the different ways he wrote his name on the papers - and his teacher didn't have any problem with it!

Koqute (Henry in Kyyrvish, a language he invented)
a symbol that looks like a cursive p with a vertical line through it
and his name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

I love teachers who can teach creative and gifted students!