Monday, April 16, 2012

Henry's poetry

A few poems Henry wrote when he should have been doing something else during History class:

Roses are red
Bacon is also red
Poems are hard

Roses are blue
violets are red
Give me a minute
While I screw on my head

Roses are red
Carnations are pink
I am amazing
(Wink wink wink)

Did my child really say that?

Henry: Cameron likes Sophie!
Cameron: Wait, do you mean, like, like like, or just like?

The crazy thing was that I completely understood what he was trying to say!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Big people numbers

Abigail: Are there any numbers before 0 that only big people learn?

Abigail - A new authority in math

Henry has recently started taking an Algebra II class through Utah's Electronic High School. Last week he was puzzling over a problem...

Henry: A number x, is 3 more than another. If the other number is 2 less than twice x, find y. I don't think I can solve this problem. It doesn't work.

Abigail: All you have to do to solve that problem is find what x equals and why y equals. Read the instructions!